Batson River Cocktails

Batson River CocktailsEnjoy the artfully crafted specialty cocktails offered by Batson River Brewing & Distilling in Kennebunk. Select either “The Bandit,” featuring Langsford Road Bourbon, Cocchi Torino, Dry Vermouth, and Smoke Bitters, or the zesty “Bulldog Punch,” comprised of Dixie Bull Rum, Pineapple, Lime, and Peychaud’s Bitters. Savor these premium cocktails for a mere $15 each.

Due to the exceptional service, you will have a pleasant experience with every drink you order at the Cape Arundel Inn & Resort. This includes cocktails with and without alcohol. This mix of Batson River and other ingredients is the ideal approach for you to enjoy the pleasure of drinking a superb cocktail.

The Cape Arundel Inn & Resort is famous not just among tourists but also among residents for the quality of its drinks. You will be able to enjoy the ambiance that we are the only ones who can provide you.

We placed significant emphasis on the feedback provided by our guests, and as a result, the Bulldog Punch and Smoke Bitters are the most popular cocktails. However, we did have a few visitors who liked “The Bandit” and the Dry Vermouth. If you have a different view, please let us know, and we will consider your feedback so we can make things better for you every day.