Kennebunkport Whale Watching Tours and Fishing Charters

If you’re like most passengers on whale watching tour boats off the coast of Kennebunkport, Maine, the first time you see a humpback break the ocean’s surface, you’ll feel a shiver of awe unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Unforgettable thrills await, too, when a striper or giant bluefin tuna tugs on your line. We steer Cape Arundel Inn & Resort guests who crave deep sea adventure toward these boat trips.

First Chance Whale Watch
4 Western Avenue (Route 9), Kennebunk, Maine, 207-967-5507

For a Maine marine life adventure that will remind you how small we are in the grand scheme of nature, cruise 20 miles out of Kennebunkport’s harbor to the feeding grounds where whales blubber up for their winter journey south. First Chance‘s knowledgeable Captain Gary knows where to find these majestic mammals, so have your camera ready. You may see finbacks, humpbacks, minke whales, dolphins and maybe even a rare blue whale or endangered right whale. These 4-1/2-hour voyages are offered Memorial Day weekend through Columbus Day. An on-board galley serves light breakfast and lunch fare, snacks and beverages. Cape Arundel Inn & Resort’s concierge can also arrange a picnic for you to take aboard.

Striker Charters
21 Ocean Avenue, Kennebunkport, Maine, 207-590-9093

What will you chase? Stripers, bluefish, sharks, tuna, cod, haddock? Allow this fishing charter company to customize your inshore or offshore saltwater fishing adventure. Experienced captains provide the gear and show you the ropes. If you’re patient and alert, you just might be rewarded with the catch of a lifetime. And even if you don’t land a big one, you’ll learn new skills and see Kennebunkport and the Maine coast with an expert guide who knows these waters and the fish that call them “home.”