Fromage, Charcuterie & Vin

Charcuterie boards, often known as charcuterie, are not a new concept. They have existed for hundreds of years. It wasn’t until lately that America succumbed to the fad.

Wine bottle with a glass of red wine with cheese and grapes

Charcuterie is the intricate preparation and assembly of cured meats and other meat products. Recently, the word has come to refer to a range of meats served with various accompaniments, such as fruit, cheese, crackers, bread, sauces, nuts, and so on.

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Many typical types of meat classified as charcuterie include capicola, salami, and prosciutto. In terms of charcuterie, dry-cured chorizo and mortadella are other popular meats.

Cheese is all about personal choice. It all boils down to what goes best with the meat on your plate. A traditional cheese board includes a range of cheeses.

Popular alternatives include aged cheddar and aged gouda. Cheeses such as Parmigiano-Reggiano and Gruyere are also suitable. There should always be contrasting cheeses so that each mouthful has a unique taste character.

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A plate of specialty cheese, cured meats, and a red or white wine bottle. $115